Pizza is a universal love that transcends age groups, income demographics and regions. If you have dreamed of opening a pizza franchise, there’s good news about the industry. There are few businesses that can deliver the profit margin and the excitement of baking and selling pizzas, and there are plenty of franchises to choose from. Here are the top five pizza franchise ideas that may inspire you to seize that dream:

Papa Murphy’s: The largest take-n-bake pizza chain in the world is gaining ground as people find out how convenient and tasty these pizzas are. For seven years Papa Murphy’s has been voted the best pizza chain. As a pizza franchise owner, this type of business is particularly convenient. The pizza is created at the store and customers take them home and bake them. This eliminates the expense of having a dine-in area and a delivery component. Owners get classroom training as well as in-store training. Location assistance is also provided to help franchisees to find the perfect place for their pizza dream. Visit here to more benefit doordash coupon.

Little Caesar’s: This carry-out pizza chain is the largest in the world, and it’s still growing. The low cost of Little Caesar’s pizzas has kept it a favorite throughout the years. For three years it has been voted the “best value in America” among the restaurants in its class. This pizza franchise comes with ongoing training and assistance in designing and building a location for the business.

NYPD Pizza: As a newer chain, NYPD Pizza has been winning market share quickly with it’s authentic New-York-style pizzas and calzones. It is winning awards and gaining customers rapidly and is one of the fastest-growing franchises, according to Franchise Times Magazine. A fun theme for the restaurants keeps the restaurants memorable and keeps people coming back. This pizza franchise offers corporate training, in-store training, help with your grand opening, site selection assistance and training materials for your staff.

Topper’s Pizza: Everyone utilizes pizza delivery from time to time, making a pizza delivery franchise a rewarding business to own and operate. Topper’s insists on excellence from every store, giving it a reputation for attention to detail and a high standard for its pizza. With a Topper’s Pizza franchise, you are given training in every aspect of running your business, from controlling costs to training your staff. New franchisees are given a 30-day comprehensive training program that includes classroom instruction as well as hands-on training. New business owners emerge from training prepared to run every aspect of their businesses.

Sbarro: This award-winning pizza chain has been in business for more than 50 years and is still a favorite among pizza lovers. For its customers it is known for its huge pizza slices and variety of pasta dishes. For franchisees, it is known for its extensive training, its effective franchise management and the flexibility of locations. With Sbarro, you can run a small restaurant in a mall, airport, hospital, university or from any number of other locations that get high foot traffic. With high brand recognition, it has a built-in customer base all over the country.