There is almost no person who doesn’t know about Bitcoin and the new concept of cryptocurrency. Some have heard about it from the stories of others who ‘got rich overnight,’ but it wasn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance.

In the beginning, there was a lot of struggle and distrust of the new technology. Those who believed in the success of the blockchain concept, and dedicated to progress, have a lot of money today. All cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin (learn more about it at this link), have enjoyed great success. Almost every year, some new digital coin comes into focus. This year, it is DasCoin, the cryptocurrency that is causing a lot of controversies but is very attractive to investors.

How DasCoin Works

According to experts, DasCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency. It is not ‘mined’ like all the others – it’s based on the affiliate principle, but it has many features of digital coins. For example, it could be the subject of private exchanges or used as a means of payment in the online and offline world. Admittedly, the offline world still doesn’t fully accept it (neither do Bitcoin), but it certainly has great potential.

Those who own DasCoin are building their network by increasing the number of members who purchase a license to access that network – something like Multi-Level Marketing. The platform on which this coin is built is a kind of innovation, but many users do not look favorably on it.

However, some people decided to give this cryptocurrency a chance. Nowadays, they are trying to educate others about DasCoin and to spread the word about the possibilities this coin offers. One of the global ambassadors of the currency is Paul McCarthy of Cork, a businessman who has been building his DasCoin network for years.

Paul McCarthy’s Advice on Trading Cryptocurrencies

A few years ago, all digital currencies were experiencing exponential growth. Most of them are in circulation today. This ‘boom’ drew a lot of attention from people who saw cryptocurrencies as a potentially good source of revenue. Also, established hardware manufacturers wanted to take a shot. They started making components and even entire computers optimized for ‘mining’ digital money.

The market has advanced so much that the number of users is measured in tens of millions. The number of business organizations that accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for their goods or services is still not familiar. Some assumptions are that there are several hundreds of thousands of them.

Beginning of Revolution


 Most people think the cryptocurrency market still has great potential; there are still high chances to make money if you invest today in some of the crypto coins. Of course, you can’t avoid the risk. But with smart investing and following global trends, you can decrease it to an acceptable minimum.

How to play right when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, read below:


Paul McCarthy believes that we are expecting something revolutionary shortly, in the field of digital money. In the case of DasCoin, the range of things that can be done with this currency is expanding. Partners around the world will be sought to accept this currency as a payment method, and users will be able to make external exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or money.

Educating People about Cryptocurrencies and Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurs like Paul didn’t make it overnight. He came a long and risky way to become the world-famous cryptocurrency expert and advocate. Investing in digital money has brought him a lot of new knowledge and experiences that he wants to share with the world. 

Using modern technologies, such as social networks or video services like Vimeo, but also doing it in person, Paul McCarthy tries to educate people to believe in themselves and become investors and entrepreneurs.

The laws of economics compare the crypto market with the balloons; they talk about oversupplying the market with these coins, which will eventually happen sooner or later. Then the prices of every single coin will fall, and everyone will lose their money. Eventually, digital money is doomed. Some financial experts are convinced this not so bright script is about to come. That is precisely what people like Paul McCarthy want to deny.