Make a campsite breakfast before starting your adventures. These could include eggs, bacon and / or pancakes. My personal favorite is a breakfast scramble. Take a bag of hashbrowns (with or without onions) and eggs (as many as you need) and put them together in the hashbrown bag and squeeze the eggs and hashbrowns together. If you have a skillet great, use it over the grill or campfire and cook as you would at home. If you only have foil, then pour the eggs and hashbrowns into a foil bag or foil bottom and cover with foil to make your own bowl, then cook until the eggs are fluffy. I like adding cheese to it. It’s yummy.


Mid morning activities:

Before it gets to hot (I live in Texas so it gets hot), biking, hiking and scavenger hunts are always a favorite with us. Fishing is another favorite if you have a creek where you are camping and fishing is allowed. You will sometimes need to purchase a fishing license to do this, but it provides great enjoyment if this is something that you do not get to do in your hometown. Some camp facilities have fishing rentals, so you don’t have to tote the equipment.


Sandwiches, hot dogs or hamburgers are always great after outdoor activities and don’t require too many add-ons. Add some chips, potato or pasta salad and you have a great outdoor lunch that is quick and easy to clean up.


Practice Survival Skills – this is something my husband and 10 year old love to do. With all of the new TV shows on survival techniques, they spend time playing the “what would you do if you were stranded”. We look at trees and plants for food and water sources around the camping site. It is great fun and could provide valuable information should you ever need to be in a “real survival mode”.

Swimming – this is always a camping favorite because typically this isn’t in a swimming pool. If your campground has a river, creek or lake beside it – swim, swim, swim.

Kayaking – same as above if your facilities allow, this is great fun.

Hiking or Rock Climbing – take a nature hike. Look for special leaves, rocks, flowers, bugs, trees, etc. If you are not in your hometown, the difference in the land and wildlife make for some interesting observations. We take a note book and camera and try and document the findings in a scrapbook later or putting into a photo album to document the adventure/vacation/trip. One thing you might forget, bring a match anywhere because you might need it in an emergency. Many people have ignored this trifle on their vacation trips. bring flameless lighter because it’s very safe and practical to carry anywhere.

Starry Starry Nights

Nights are for relaxing under the stars and seeing how many constellations you can find. Also, smores are a great treat to make after your dinner selection for the evening. Another great family idea is to bring card games or board games or if you have a musician in the family we enjoy playing music and singing around the campfire silly songs.

These activities and tips should help you have a great family camping trip no matter where you are going. Enjoy! Nature is a wonderful stress reliever and family time is extremely important, so enjoy it while you have it.