How to Track Your Social Media Marketing Traffic With Google Analytics

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Here are some challenges most business owners face with Social Media and Online Marketing:

Social Media is time consuming

Social Media does not work

Online Marketing does not generate any sales for my business

and do you know why?
Because of lack of tracking and measuring performance. With measuring performance you would know what to do and what to avoid and where to concentrate your efforts on.
As a business owner with an online presence, it is important to know who is visiting your site.

Do you have any idea where your traffic is coming from?

Do you know the demographics – age, country and so on?

Knowing all these information would enable you to be more specific with your marketing efforts. Assuming that most of your online clients are from Facebook, I mean that people from Facebook visit your site more than people from Google Plus. It would be wise to focus your marketing efforts on Facebook and improve your marketing communication skills with people from Google Plus.
Every platform has its unique way of communication. As all offline networking events are not the same, the same principle works online.
Also knowing which country visits your site is very important. Assuming you live in the United Kingdom but most of your web traffic is coming from the United States. But if you do not know all these information you will be wasting a lot of time marketing your services to the wrong audience.
But there is great news. There is a free tool by Google called Google Analytics.
Google Analytics has a lot of features and some include Content Analytics.
This report shows where on your website visitors read and click a lot. This would help you in your marketing efforts. If visitors read the about page more than the blog page, then you can tweak some information on that page to help you generate more leads. Without knowing this information, visitors will come and go and you will not understand why you are not converting.
Another tool which is very useful is Social Analytics. This shows you which social media platform performs better.
It is important to measure performance and track it everyday using Google Analytics. This tool also provides a daily report.
Another feature is Conversion. This tool shows you how many people are buying and the interaction they are having on your site.
Google Analytics tool is great as it also analyses the behaviour of your visitors.
It also has a premium feature but it is recommended to begin with the free feature and learn how it works effectively.
To use this tool effectively, consider hiring an experienced Digital Marketing firm to help you win all your sales online and also offer the best service for your visitors and potential clients.