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Month: October 2019

5 Ways To Waste Your Time On SEO

5 Ways To Waste Your Time On SEO

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With consumers spending more and more time on computers and mobile devices, while using Google as a primary tool to find products or services that they need or want, having a prominent position in search engines is an increasingly important part of effective marketing for small businesses. While hiring an SEO firm is often a desired luxury, most small businesses choose to learn and do SEO on their own. There are an abundance of free resources that provide instruction on how to plan and execute effective SEO like SEOMoz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO and blogs like Search Engine Land.

However, this do it yourself approach can lead to many mistakes by small business owners who do not have a full understanding of the latest updates by Google which can make an effective tactic obsolete overnight. Here are some of the biggest time wasters in SEO that produce small or no improvements to your site’s rankings.

1. Commenting On Blogs

While commenting on relevant blogs can be a good way to build relationships with blog owners, it is a horrible way to improve your SEO. From a pure traffic standpoint, very few people tend to click on your comment link. From a linkbuilding perspective, you are getting a minuscule to zero link juice going back to your site. Since 99% of blogs automatically no-follow comment links, they send zero link juice to your site. No-follow communicates to Google that the site owner does not endorse the link and therefore it does … Read More . . .